Baton Rouge

Bold Goal
20% Healthier By 2020

Baton Rouge, Louisiana is working to become one of the healthiest cities in America. We know that health happens locally, which is why Humana is working with community, physician and clinician partners to help solve some of Baton Rouge’s toughest barriers to health. Together, we are making health easier one person and one community at a time. Join us!


Putting the focus on local health issues.

  • Diabetes
  • Behavioral Health

Barriers to health

Overcoming roadblocks that prevent good health.

  • Access to Behavioral Health Services
  • Healthy Lifestyle Literacy
  • Food Insecurity

Working Committees

  • Behavioral Health
  • Healthy Behaviors & Nutrition
  • Communications
  • Community Resources
  • Elder hunger

Health ecosystem

Connecting people with care and community resources to get healthy and stay healthy. 
Improving health with a network of goods, services and essential resources.

Greater [page_title]’s Health Advisory Board

A Bold Team For A Bold Goal

Working in partnership with local businesses, nonprofits, educators and government organizations, Humana is committed to the ever-evolving effort of dramatically reducing the number of Unhealthy Days and making Greater [page_title] a healthier community. There’s always room for more partners — after all, we’re in this together. Contact today.

[page_title] Pilots, Programs and Interventions

Clinical-Led Obesity Education and Screening

The Community-Clinical committee is working to assist physician practices in treating obesity. By asking the simple question “Are you comfortable with your weight,” a physician can open the dialogue about obesity, which can lead to addressing ways to reduce weight and improve clinical outcomes.

Health Education

The Education and Community Resources committee is working with HealthyBR and its digital platform to improve health education for seniors.

Physical Fitness and Healthy Eating

Working with area Federally Qualified Health Centers, the Access to Care committee is focused on improving access to exercise and healthy foods.

Community Videos

Baton Rouge Partnerships

Through community and physician partnerships on pilots and programs we are working together to create more…

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Addressing behavioral health

Humana has a Bold Goal to help make health easier in the communities it serves. One way we do that is through community…

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