Our 2020 Goal


Knoxville, Tennessee is ready to become one of the healthiest cities in America. By 2020, we plan to move from a baseline of 13.0 Unhealthy Days to 10.4, by improving mental and physical health by 20 percent. We know that health happens locally, which is why we are working with community, physician and clinician partners to help solve some of Knoxville’s toughest barriers to health – like nutrition literacy, financial trade-off, awareness of resources, access to mental and behavioral health providers and food insecurity. Let’s make health easier in Knoxville, together.

Conditions, barriers and solutions


Putting the focus on local health issues.

  • Diabetes
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Behavioral Health

Barriers to health

Overcoming roadblocks that prevent good health.

  • Access to Behavioral Health Providers
  • Awareness of Resources
  • Nutrition Literacy
  • Financial Tradeoff

Health ecosystem

Connecting people with care and community resources to get healthy and stay healthy. 
Improving health with a network of goods, services and essential resources.


Get involved in Knoxville

Knoxville’s Health Advisory Board

A Bold Team For A Bold Goal

Working in partnership with local businesses, nonprofits, educators and government organizations, Humana is committed to the ever-evolving effort of dramatically reducing the number of Unhealthy Days and making Knoxville a healthier community. There’s always room for more partners — after all, we’re in this together. Contact knoxvillebold@humana.com today.


The Humana Mobile Outreach pilot tests if Mobile Health Outreach is successful in reaching patients with perceived or real lack of access to care to be healthier, close gaps and engage with Primary Care Physicians. Through an expansion into 19 counties, the service provides health education and exercise opportunities at sites across the community, as well as basic health tests like BMI and blood pressure and provides patients with test kits to screen for certain diseases.

The Improved Diabetes Control pilot works to combat diabetes mismanagement, address the lack of education for self-care and teach how people living with diabetes can eat healthier. UT Extension Agents work with Primary Care Physicians to identify and enroll patients with uncontrolled A1C measures. They offer a two class series: Taking Charge of Your Diabetes and Dining with Diabetes to improve health literacy and care management.

Knoxville Health Advisory Board