Our 2020 Goal


Tampa Bay, Florida is ready to become one of the healthiest cities in America. By 2020, we plan to move from a baseline of 10.4 Unhealthy Days to 8.3, by improving mental and physical health by 
20 percent. We know that health happens locally, which is why we are working with community, physician and clinician partners to help solve some of Tampa Bay’s toughest barriers to health – like access to outpatient behavioral health services, healthy lifestyle literacy and food insecurity. Let’s make health easier in Tampa Bay, together.

Conditions, barriers and solutions


Putting the focus on local health issues.

  • Diabetes
  • Behavioral Health

Barriers to health

Overcoming roadblocks that prevent good health.

  • Access to Behavioral Health Services
  • Healthy Lifestyle Literacy
  • Food Insecurity

Health ecosystem

Connecting people with care and community resources to get healthy and stay healthy. 
Improving health with a network of goods, services and essential resources.


Get involved in Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay’s Health Advisory Board

Working in partnership with local businesses, nonprofits, educators and government organizations, Humana is committed to the ever-evolving effort of dramatically reducing the number of Unhealthy Days and making Tampa Bay a healthier community. There’s always room for more partners — after all, we’re in this together. Contact tampabold@humana.com today.


Telepsychiatry helps with access to behavioral health services in Tampa Bay. In partnership with Humana Behavioral Health and Humana’s Integrated Clinical Services, embedded telepsychiatry units within Humana-owned clinics facilitate quicker member access to psychiatrists. Members are evaluated and referred by their primary care physician (PCP), who oversees telepsychiatry visits and corresponding treatment.

Third Party Influencer was launched to increase medication adherence and disease management for Humana members living with congestive heart failure and anxiety/depression in Tampa Bay. In partnership with Humana Pharmacy, we tested whether members who receive reminders via a combination of automated phone calls and postcard mailings from a trusted third party are more adherent than members who do not receive a reminder. In Tampa Bay, the third party influencer was Kevin Harrington, a local entrepreneur and business leader.

Community Resource Directory addresses access to community based resources, across multiple health conditions and barriers to health in Tampa Bay. We believe there is a business opportunity to expand access to community resources available for members by integrating their referrals in physician workflow. This test and learn initiative will study usability and adoption among physicians, office staff, and patients in connecting to community resources using an external resource directory.

Tampa Bay Health Advisory Board

Faith-based leader Outreach is an initiative of the Behavioral Health Committee Tampa Bay Health Advisory Board. We are conducting interviews with multiple faith leaders to understand the barriers to health they encounter with the people they serve to inform the content for a 2017 Faith Leader Forum that will focus on how the faith community can be engaged to improve health in Tampa Bay.

The Fun Bites initiative, started by the Florida Department of Health in Pinellas, was developed to provide healthier options at concession stands, snack bars, vending machines, and events. The goal is to make the healthy choice the easy choice by increasing healthy and affordable foods and beverages in public places. The Healthy Behaviors – Nutrition Committee of the Tampa Bay Health Advisory Board will be expanding the reach of this initiative across additional counties and venues.

The Hunger Action Alliance is in collaboration with the University of South Florida, Feeding Tampa Bay and Humana. The goal of the Alliance is to research, educate, and transform programs to provide long-term solutions to food insecurity. We are currently funding a research project to examine food insecurity, isolation and loneliness in community dwelling older adults.

Tampa Bay Health Advisory Board