Humana has a Bold Goal – a population health strategy to improve the health of the communities we serve 20 percent by 2020 and beyond. Together, with physician practices and community partners, we are cocreating solutions at a local level. By addressing social determinants of health such as food insecurity, loneliness and social isolation, we are working to improve the health of those living with chronic conditions one person, and one community at a time. Join a community Health Advisory Board near you.

Health is local, which is why we are working with community organizations and health care professionals to address social determinants of health such as food insecurity, loneliness and social isolation at a community level. We are tracking progress with the CDC tool, Healthy Days, and we publish our learnings each year in our Bold Goal Progress Report. Together, we can make health easier. Be a part of something BOLD. Contact us today to get involved!

San Antonio is halfway toward their Bold Goal

Local nonprofits, government, business organizations and Humana have built a strong foundation to help improve the health of San Antonio 20 percent by 2020 and beyond.

Our Bold Goal Communities


Joining together for more Healthy Days

We use the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) health assessment tool, Healthy Days, to track progress toward our Bold Goal.

Read peer-reviewed study, created in partnership between Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, CDC, Columbia University and Humana.

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Addressing key social determinants of health

At Humana, we are focused on addressing food insecurity and loneliness/social isolation as well as other social determinants unique to the communities we serve like physical inactivity and transportation.

Learn more about social determinants of health

Below are tool kits available to communities, members and physicians. By using these tool kits, you can better understand loneliness and food insecurity, how to screen for food insecurity in your patient population and how Humana and their community and physician partners are working to solve for issues outside of the clinical setting.

Food Insecurity Toolkit

Humana partnered with Feeding America to develop this toolkit as a way for physicians to implement food insecurity screenings for all patients in their practices.

Download Toolkit Download 1-page physician quick guide

Loneliness Toolkit

Identifying loneliness starts with knowing how to talk about it. Humana designed this toolkit to help patients understand the detrimental effects of loneliness on their health and the health of their loved ones.

Download Toolkit Download 1-page physician quick guide

National Partners

Additional Publications

A Health Plan’s Investigation of Healthy Days and Chronic Conditions

Tristan Cordier, MPH; S. Lane Slabaugh, PharmD; Eric Havens, MA; Jonathan Pena, MS; Gil Haugh, MS; Vipin Gopal, PhD; Andrew Renda, MD; Mona Shah, PhD; and Matthew Zack, MD

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A Bold Goal: More Healthy Days Through Improved Community Health

Tristan Cordier, MPH, Yongjia Song, MPH, Jesse Cambon, MEng, Gil S. Haugh, MS, Mark Steffen, MD, MPH, Patty Hardy, Masters in Health Care Law, Marnie Staehly, MBA, Angela Hagan, PhD, Vipin Gopal, PhD, Pattie Dale Tye, BS, and Andrew Renda, MD, MPH

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Value-Based Care and Research

Hear physicians share their experiences as they transition to a Value-Based Care model.

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Check out this peer-reviewed research site that looks at data differently.

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