Additional Communities Coming Soon

Our Bold Goal has evolved. When our CEO announced that Humana would help to improve the health of the communities we serve 20 percent by 2020 in early 2015, the goal was as much aspirational as inspirational. Today, we know that behavior change takes time and that health is local, which means there is no one size fits all answer to improving community or individual health. Below are new communities and populations who have launched their own Bold Goal with the objective of improving Healthy Days by addressing social determinants of health with community partners and physician practices.

Chicago is the Bold Goal's largest market. We are working with physician practices and community partners to address food insecurity in a highly urban environment. Please stay tuned to our work throughout the course of this next year as we work to improve the Healthy Days of our community.

The Richmond Bold Goal is partnering with East End Coalition for Older Adults to improve the health of older adults in the East End of Richmond. Richmond residents in the East End are exposed to a lack of transportation and food, poverty, loneliness and social isolation and a lack of affordable and safe housing. Together, we are working to make health easier.

Humana Military has a Bold Goal to give back more Healthy Days to every TRICARE beneficiary. By addressing barriers to health that impact military families most, such as food insecurity, addiction and social isolation, military families are able to feel more socially connected and deployment ready when the country needs them most.