Broward County


Meeting the needs of a growing senior population, while inspiring resilience

Broward County has been hit hard by adversity over the past few years. The 2018 Silver Tsunami report documents the mounting need for social and financial assistance in Broward County’s growing senior population. Food insecurity and depression are also on the rise, with over 14% of residents reporting they are food insecure. Together, The Health Advisory Board for Broward County and Humana have rallied to focus on combating food insecurity, improving health education, fostering physician/patient relationships as well as addressing the behavioral health needs of the community.

Broward County at a glance

Our Focus

  • Diabetes
  • Behavioral health
  • Food insecurity

Barriers to Health

  • Transportation
  • Loneliness and social isolation
  • Health literacy
  • Cultural competency


  • Health Advisory Board for Broward County
  • Dignity in Aging Task Force
  • 3.5%

    increase in unhealthy days in Humana Medicare Advantage members

  • 6.4%

    of Humana Medicare Advantage members report depression

  • 14.3%

    residents challenged with food insecurity