Issue Briefs: Bringing insights to the industry


Policy Briefs, released quarterly, support Humana’s Social Determinants of Health initiatives throughout the enterprise and further the strategy to influence population health focused policy change.




NEW: Access to Healthcare Issue Brief

This brief provides a review of some of the key factors influencing the complex, multifaceted issue of healthcare access. It also highlights research on interventions and cross-sector efforts to improve access, as well as potential areas of exploration for the healthcare industry.

Health Equity Issue Brief, September 2020

The intent of this issue brief is to inform and update stakeholders on health equity, including current research and public policy. It’s meant to spark conversations over opportunities to affect change.

Social Determinants of Health Data Policy Brief, December 2019

Humana believes actionable SDOH data will help us improve the health of our members. We are working with our partners and other stakeholders to address these gaps. This brief examines the types of SDOH data, considerations for healthcare use, current efforts to operationalize this data, and business impacts.

Food Insecurity Issue Brief, December 2020

Exploring the  effect of the coronavirus pandemic and economic recession, which threw millions of families into food insecurity this year. Read our most recent food insecurity issue brief to learn more.

Food Insecurity Policy Brief, November 2019

Food insecurity having is limited or uncertain access to enough food to live a healthy, active life. While food insecurity is closely tied to economic stability, the factors leading to food insecurity are much more complex, ranging from income, employment and disability to race, ethnicity and neighborhood characteristics. Read this brief to learn more about how Humana is working to address food insecurity.

Loneliness & Social Isolation Policy Brief, March 2020

Loneliness and social isolation are two social determinants of health that can have negative impcts on people of all ages. Read our most recent brief on loneliness and social isolation.

Loneliness & Social Isolation Policy Brief, June 2019

Humana is committed to helping clinicians identify and address loneliness and social isolation because of the negative impact these determinants have on Healthy Days of the Medicare Advantage (MA) population. Loneliness refers to the quality of relationships within a person’s network and their sense of belonging and social support, while social isolation refers to the quantity and structure of a person’s social network, contacts and participation in social activities.

Transportation Policy Brief, June 2019

According to the American Hospital Association, as of 2017, medical transportation was the leading cause of patient no-shows, and missed appointments are associated with increased medical care costs for the patient, disruption of patient care and provider-patient relationships, delayed care and increased emergency room visits. Access to transportation is also a barrier to social determinants and health related social needs,such as accessing healthy foods and employment.

Housing Policy Brief, June 2020

The following brief provides an update on industry-wide efforts to address health through housing, with particular focus on housing stability and quality issues. It also highlights research on interventions and health impact, and includes considerations for areas of exploration.