Health Happens Where you Are

An annual Gallup-Sharecare Well-being Index released in February 2018 showed that health and well-being was the worst it had been in 10 years across 21 states, but in Bold Goal communities we continue to bend national health trends, especially in our Humana senior population.

2017 Medicare Healthy Days Trend Measured in Unhealthy Days

Bold Goal Unhealthy Days Results

Non-Bold Goal Unhealthy Days Results

We are making progress

Of our original seven Bold Goal communities, Humana Medicare members in Knoxville, Baton Rouge, New Orleans and San Antonio all had improved Healthy Days as well as improved clinical outcomes. Louisville, Tampa Bay and Broward County, Florida saw increases in Unhealthy Days, but also experienced slight improvements in clinical outcomes and in Healthy Days in Humana seniors living with conditions such as COPD, diabetes and depression.

Healthy Days is a sensitive tool

Healthy Days is a sensitive tool that allows us to track and trend when and where health happens. In Florida, our Bold Goal communities' Healthy Days were acutely impacted by hurricanes Irma and Maria in late 2017. A similar effect was evident in Humana’s Florida-based employee population results as well.

Healthy Days for Employees

Humana employees improved their Healthy Days by 18 percent from 2012 to 2017. They continue to stay on track and plan to reach 20 percent healthier by the end of 2018.
Employees with high levels of belonging experience 6x fewer mentally Unhealthy Days. Those with high well-being overall also perceive 3x less stress, miss 3x less work, are less likely to look for another job, and are more engaged.

Healthy Days

accumulated by Humana employees



Despite aging five years, 63 percent of employees reduced or maintained biometric health risks associated with chronic disease, reversing the expected trend.

Our Journey To Impact

“Positive change doesn’t happen overnight; it’s the result of strong collaboration, steadfast resolve and innovative thinking. I’m encouraged by this years results and the future of our Bold Goal. Setting a big goal is the best way to strive for excellence.”

Bruce Broussard, CEO, Humana

Many struggling seniors need our help


Disease is a natural part of aging, but there are ways to improve health, make it easier to maintain independence and help ensure seniors have the freedom to continue doing the things they love. By focusing on seniors living with multiple chronic conditions, working-age people, and those with lower incomes, we can employ a highly personalized approach to help the folks who need the most help.

Health is holistic


While we have made several gains in improving physical Unhealthy Days, our 2017 results led us to understand that we need to do more to address behavioral health. Food insecurity, loneliness and social isolation can also be linked to depression, stress and anxiety. Improving access to behavioral health specialists is critical to improve overall Healthy Days.

Partnerships are key to our path to value


As we have seen, health does not follow a straight line. There will be highs and lows, but each year we learn a little more about what our communities and members need through pilots and interventions that offer new solutions to community health problems. We say it every year—“we cannot do this alone”—and it’s true.

Lead by example, and share what we learn


I’m proud of how our 40,000+ employees have improved their health by 18 percent. We continue to learn from our employee population, and that knowledge can be cascaded into the communities we serve.

Continue to scale


We continue to expand our Bold Goal communities geographically, adding Jacksonville, Florida and Kansas City, Missouri to this year’s report. We’ll add Richmond, Virginia; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and Chicago, Illinois next year. We are also scaling within our business and to additional segments within the communities we serve for more pinpointed solutions and interventions that target specific populations in need.

Download the Bold Goal Progress Report

Through pilots and partnerships we are discovering solutions to help address some of today’s significant social determinants to health.

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