1. Policy Brief | Social Determinants of Health Data

    Policy Brief

    An examination of the types of SDOH data, considerations for healthcare use and current efforts to operationalize this data, and business impacts

  2. Food Insecurity Policy Brief

    Policy Brief

    Learn more about why addressing food insecurity is an important part of Humana's Population Health Strategy.

  3. Understanding Loneliness

    Consumer flyer

    Download our loneliness and social isolation resource to understand more about loneliness and social isolation. The document highlights what they are and how to find resources that can help.

  4. Understanding Food Insecurity

    Consumer flyer

    Having regular access to healthy food is important to maintaining your health and can help prevent health problems from developing over time. Download this flyer to learn about resources that can help.

  5. Understanding Transportation Barriers

    Consumer flyer

    There are numerous options for resources and support for your transportation needs. Download this flyer to learn more.

  6. zoom in

    Data tool

    Identify health risks through data visualization at a local level

  7. Baton Rouge Community Spotlight

    Community Overview

    Baton Rouge 2019 community at a glance one-pager

  8. Bold Goal Overview Brochure


    Learn more about Humana's Bold Goal strategy

  9. 2019 Bold Goal Progress Report


    Learn more about the progress we are making in partnership with our community and clinical partners

  10. Broward County Community Spotlight

    Community Overview

    Broward County 2019 community at a glance one-pager

  11. Chicago Community Spotlight

    Community Overview

    Chicago 2019 community at a glance one-pager

  12. Food Insecurity Physician Quick Guide

    Assessment Tool

    Use this quick guide to understand and screen for food insecurity in your patient populations regardless of their health plan.